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Living Life on the Sidelines

Our infertility has taken a backseat to the real life grief of losing Jeremy's father. I was never more proud of my husband than watching him deliver the heartfelt eulogy he wrote for his father. It probably sounds strange to say this, but seeing the determination and strength Jeremy had in delivering the eulogy made me fall in love with him all over again.
But, alas, the world doesn't stop even when we think it should. Somehow, even though I was taking Letrozole in January, I failed to ovulate. Dr. S says stress can prevent ovulation, so it seems logical that something traumatic could be at the root of the problem. However, we had scheduled a "debriefing" appointment with Dr. M since we had done several cycles without success. I've searched long for the right term for the experience I had there, but nothing short of debacle seems appropriate. Long story short, he was rude and insensitive and I am never going back to him. The recommendations he made were radical …

Saying Goodbye to a Great Man

Once again, I'm turning the blog over to Jeremy. One week ago, Jeremy's father was killed by a driver while he was out for a morning walk. Our life has been completely turned upside down. 

I hope everyone has had a happier new year than we have. My father died in a car accident while walking on Jan 4th. If you knew him, you know exactly what kind of loss that is. If you didn't, he is the small town guy that knew everyone and had a nickname, story, smile, and/or laugh for everyone he had ever met.
I had the honor of delivering the eulogy for my father. Just in case anyone wants to see it, here it is:

If you knew my father, you knew three things. He loved you; if you did what you could, he was proud of you; and he liked short funerals.... so I'll try to be brief, for his sake.
I feel lucky for inheriting two of his best traits.... his drive for service and his humor... though I'm not sure if my family would agree on the last one....
I am positive that, for …