31 Days of Infertility... and Beyond

If you are a first time reader, welcome to my crazy world of infertility! I'm Becky, an infertility blogger who has been working on this little blog for about a year and a half. My real life job finds me teaching English to middle schoolers, but I come here to share my impressions about and experiences in the frustrating, exhausting, heartbreaking and expensive world of infertility.

This is my first go-round at the 31 days of blogging thing. Typically, I focus the blog on infertility, but I know I have a few "special" occasions coming about in the next month. So, I will stick to infertility for the most part, but I will also throw a few other things out there for your consideration.

Day 1: How do you like your eggs?
Day 2: Sometimes, A Step Backwards Is How to Move Forward 
Day 3: Always the Cool Aunt
Day 4: "Just Relax!" or How to Get a Black Eye from an Infertile
Day 5: I Don't Know What to Say: A Guide for Friends of Infertiles
Day 6: A Twisted Perspective
Day 7: Giving Voice Despite the Fear, Shame and Stigma of Infertility
Day 8: I don't want "no stinkin' baby dust!"
Day 9: Death and Non-existence: The same thing...almost.
Day 10: Care on Five Minute Friday
Day 11: A 2012 Time Warp: The Moment I Knew
Day 12: Happy Birthday, Grandma Jane!
Day 13: Just Wait
Day 14: Giving Voice to My Pain, My Voice, My Journey
Day 15: 40 Before 40
Day 16: Testosterone Thursday: Sometimes you just need to hold on a little tighter
Day 17: Five Minute Friday: Long
Day 18: The Wrong Message in the Stars
Day 19: Always Proud of My Home Among the Hills
Day 20: Screaming Infertile
Day 21: The New Normal
Day 22: The Best Job I Never Though I'd Do

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