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What Infertility Tests

This week marks precisely one year since I made my first blog post public about our struggle with infertility. While we’ve worked toward a child for quite some time, the last twelve months have been particularly difficult.  Many people have been strong shoulders to support us as we faced uncertainty in the future of our family. When others made me feel misunderstood and as though I’m wrong for feeling as I do, when the doctors’ visits and drugs make me feel like a guinea pig, when it’s all too much, I know without doubt infertility is the biggest test I've ever faced in my life. People say whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so by now I guess I should be wonder woman.
What infertility tests
Life throws trials and tests at us consistently as we mature. Some of the obstacles are small and some seem to be the size of Mount Everest. Throughout our struggle trying to conceive a child, I have heard far too many times that infertility isn’t really a disease. Folks who haven’…