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The Notorious J-U-G

There are many things I never thought I would experience in my life.

For a long time, pregnancy was one of them.

Then, one of the treatments worked and this infertile gal got pregnant, with the help of a small army. As a pregnant girl, I had no idea how to write for my audience. I had loads to say when infertility was torturing me. But, there are SO MANY mommy bloggers. I have so many friends who are still fighting in the infertility trenches. How do I write authentically but with regard for their struggles?

Well... as I wrestled with these notions, life plopped a big old dose of inspiration in front of me... in the form of a rather large orange jug.

I haven't written about the ins and outs of pregnancy because every pregnant person has them. I've been tired. My belly itches. I deal with nausea and the like.

But, whatever. All the pregnant ladies are doing it.

However, a few weeks ago, I went into one of my prenatal appointments with Dr. S. Typically, these are short, we liste…

It's a ...

I've felt awkward about writing this blog since I made my pregnancy announcement. I have met so many incredible women in the infertility community, a community of which I will always be a part.

However, I know how it feels when the infertility blogger turns into the pregnant blogger or mom blogger. As much as you might connect with that person, as a member of the infertility community, it always hurts a little.

However, I can't deny the experience I have had over the last three months. They have been simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. I have overthought everything and worried. But, I have also experienced new joys I never thought I would have the opportunity to experience.

First of all, anyone who read my blog regularly knows I am a fan of Dr. S. But, honestly, he is beyond my expectations awesome. He has helped alleviate my worries and guided J and I through the choices we have had thus far.  Every single person, especially those who have weathered infertility, shoul…