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The Magic of the Season

Today is Christmas Eve, the penultimate event on the Christmas calendar. Today, families all over will gather together to celebrate the joy of Christmas and the special bonds that tie them together. Some of these families will be "genetic" relatives and some will be families formed not through blood, but through the bonds of love.
Christmas is an incredibly busy season. I know I have been busy-- shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating, traveling and visiting. But, sometimes we lose sight of the wonder that is an inherent part of this season. I know I have been guilty of losing sight of this in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. For me, part of it is by design. If I occupy myself with the details of planning for Christmas, then I don't have to worry about experiencing the child size hole in our family.
Facebook is my window into the lives of many people with children. I have seen status updates for weeks about wrapping and shopping--how it will never get done, how tired …

A Very Belated Thanksgiving

Since Christmas preparations are in full swing and we're staring down the big day, it is only fitting that I take a step back and offer up my very belated thoughts on a thanksgiving in spite of infertility.

Thanksgiving is a difficult time of the year. My mother passed away ten years ago on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. On the day before Thanksgiving, her Oncologist told us it would probably be her last with us. So, that entire day, we knew our hours with her were numbered. We knew our family would never be whole in the same way. As such, it has been extremely difficult for me to feel truly thankful when Turkey Day rolls around each year.  Couple that with the devastating loss we suffered when Jeremy's father was ripped from our lives by a man whose motivation no one understands, and it's hard to see what we should feel thankful for.

Fast forward to my struggle with infertility. In short, infertility makes feeling grateful even more difficult for me.  I know the green eye…