About Becky and Jeremy

Becky Evans-Wilson

Becky is a novice blogger with an undying love for She-Ra, Princess of Power. This Mountaineer now resides in the land of Tar Heels and Blue Devils, with her husband, and fellow Mountaineer, Jeremy. Their rescued Pekingese, Fred, allows them to live in his home.

When she's not railing about the injustices of infertility, you will find her crazily couponing, yelling at the Mountaineers, Steelers or Penguins on her television, pestering her doctors with a million questions, designing dorky lesson plans to embarass, entertain and educate teenagers, and generally living the life of the "cool aunt."

Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy is an occasional blogger who, forced by his wife, entered the realm of infertility blogging.

He enjoys watching the Mountaineers, Steelers and Penguins, often with the volume turned up to drown out Becky's yelling. He also enjoys torturing Becky with episodes of Dr. Who and The Walking Dead.  About once a year you can catch him on YouTube parodying a popular song for the amusement and education of his math students. Search "Mars in Style" on YouTube if you want the evidence.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKri-MtZbfw&feature=colike

Our Story

Becky and Jeremy met for the first time in an elevator at the University of Pittsburgh during a practice debate tournment. Becky failed to notice him because another member of the debate team was about to puke in the corner.

Becky and Jeremy met again a year later on campus at their alma mater, WVU,  when Becky formally joined the debate team. Becky again ignored Jeremy, until he made a wager that he could get her to smack him before the end of the year. It was the first and only wager Jeremy won in their life together.

The two started dating in 2001 and quickly learned, after one attempt, that they were much better as romantic partners than debate partners.

The couple married in 2004. They have lived in four states in the past ten years. Both are teachers, but in typical fashion, in completely opposite subject areas. Jeremy tortures students with statistics and equations while Becky bores students with literature and writing.

Becky and Jeremy have tried, unsuccessfully, to start a family for more than five years. For the past two years, the duo have been receiving medical assistance for infertility and slowly wading into the deeper end of high tech family building. Three doctors, two fertility medicines and one high tech treatment have yet to bring about Baby One Tough Egg.


  1. Love this one! :D

  2. So fun getting to know you!! Love your wedding picture - and how fun that you met in an elevator!! Love that!!! Sounds like I would like your husbands job better than yours ;)


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