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My inner Princess of Power

When I was six years old, I had the best Halloween costume ever. I seriously wish I could find a picture. I was She-Ra, Princess of Power.

I distinctly remember my grandmother making a leotard get-up with a skirt for the main costume. Some combination of my mother and my aunts created the elaborate headpiece, probably out of glitter, paint and cardboard. My dad took a boy's play sword and spray painted it gold so it would look like She-Ra's. Then, there were the boots.

My dad took the same gold spray paint and painted my once brown boots a sparkly gold color. I thought they were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I wore those boots even when I wasn't in costume. I wore them until they were far too small and hurt my feet. My family taught me as a girl, I could do anything I wanted. My drive and ambition were the only limitations they told me I had. So, in my mind, I was She-Ra and She-Ra was awesome. She might be a princess, but she wasn't sitting around waiting …

Precisely My Mother's Drug

Most of you who follow my blog knew my mother, either in passing, or as a dear friend. Honestly, it was hard to know my mom in passing. She loved people and getting to know them. It was part (but only a small part) of what made her special and remarkable.  I'm sincerely sorry if you never got to know my mom. She was an extraordinary, ordinary woman, brimming with life, love and hope, always. She didn't know the word "quit" and would give anything for those she held dear. She embraced the path before her, even if it was difficult, because she always saw the tools she had to navigate it. Typically, she not only conquered the path, but found a way to light it and make it a little easier for those who followed her. She was one of those rare people who quietly changed the world of everyone she met, be it a friend, a student, or a member of her family.

Many times on my journey through infertility, I find myself missing my mom. She never dealt with infertility, but she kne…