Not The Egg- The View from His Side of the Infertility Equation

Let's face it. Men and women process this infertility stuff differently. Too many times, we have no idea what is going on in our husband's head. These posts give some insight into the thinking of one half of this infertile couple.

My husband is awesome and has been so supportive through our whole experience with infertility. He's even volunteered his voice for this blog every now and again. This page gives you a complete set of links to all of Jeremy's posts. It's rare to see honest experiences from men dealing with infertility, so here's a few you can share with the men in your life.

June 2013
The Other Half (Or Hearing His Side of the Infertility Story)
Stupid Jokes are Stupid, and So Are Birthdays

August 2013
The First Day of School or How Nausea is a Good Thing

January 2014
Saying Goodbye to a Great Man

June 2014
To Rough Endings and New Beginnings

October 2014
Sometimes, A Step Backward is How to Move Forward
Death and Non-Existence: The same thing...almost.
Sometimes you just need to hold on a little tighter


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