The First Day of School or How Nausea is a Good Thing

I've been a bit under the weather over the weekend... so Jeremy decided to offer up a guest blog from his perspective.

Well, it's getting to be that time of year. Yes, I am a teacher that likes his summers, but I absolutely detest the first day of school. I don't mean to sound like I hate teaching, because I really do think I belong in education; I just hate the first day of school. Nothing is ever set in stone, the first day schedule is never what the routine is, everything is constantly in flux, and if you don't set the right tone from day one in the classroom, it will be weeks (if ever) until you get it back. First days are incredibly stressful (and the students are still mostly on their best behavior so they don't show their true selves for a few weeks... but that's another time).
In the area where I grew up, school started today (a few weeks earlier than the district where I teach). My Facebook timeline was full of high school acquaintances saying “I can't believe my baby starts________ grade today!” But, surprisingly, my first thought was that one day, eventually, maybe I can be proud/excited when that day of dread comes, instead of my typical nervous/frustrated self. I did get a little sad that Beck and I don't have one of our own yet, but I'm starting to feel more hopeful of late for no real reason other than I think she is more hopeful. Either that, or the fact that nausea is a good thing.

At least, according to one of her doctors, nausea is indeed a good thing. From the beginning, we were warned that the medicine she is taking could overstimulate her ovarian production and actually make it harder for us to conceive (and cause a lot of possible health concerns for my wife). This week, my wife, in addition to the headache she usually feels during her medicated week, my wife experienced some severe nausea for about two days. Apparently, in the prelude to hopefully our first IUI (take two... and... let's hope for action), the increased dosage actually might be mildly overstimulating her, which is the likely source of her nausea. He did give her some warning signs of going from mild to dangerous overstimulation (and neither of us our seeing these, so it should be ok).
To sum up, first days suck for teachers, especially those teachers with fertility issues. Parents are so excited to see their little one off, and I cannot wait to actually get over my first day dread with something positive... which is a bit more hopeful because my wife is wretching through the night. Nausea, it's a good thing.


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