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A few weeks ago, I was at my breaking point. The to-do list was long and my patience was short.

I was summoned for jury duty. I always talk up doing your civic responsibility, so I thought it might be time to put my money where my mouth was. The summons came to my old address, and I sent the paperwork back saying we had moved across county lines, but I didn't hear back from the court and I have a phobia of anything that might land me in jail.

About a month or more ago, I also found out Evan's sitter would be on a field trip and unable to watch him one single day.  She is great and she has every right in this world to go on a field trip with her child. Typically it would be no big deal. But, the universe collided and made Jury Duty Day that day.

It was ostensibly fine... Jeremy took the day off (which required a LOT of figuring things out by his colleagues) and I planned the day off from school quite a while ago.  I was even released from jury duty after they figured out that I…