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Pay it Forward for Isaiah

Infertility has given me a few gifts.

In all seriousness, there are a few things infertility has taught me and has given me that I did not have in my life before starting down this path. One of the most important gifts has been the gift of sisterhood from my infertile sisters.

From these women, I have seen outrageous acts of courage and selflessness, resilience and tenacity, kindness and gratitude. We all support one another, no matter what, because we are in the trenches, fighting against an invisible enemy. Though our battles may be varied, one thing remains the same: we all bear scars from the fights we've endured.

One of my sisters in this struggle is Kerri. She is a wife and mother, but moreover, she is a remarkable woman who has the strength to create beauty from heartbreak.

Three years ago, Kerri's oldest son, Isaiah, was born still. After a full-term pregnancy, she suffered a fate made of the stuff of expectant mothers' nightmares.

Since that time, Kerri continues …

The Great Insurance Paradox

Infertility has acquainted me more deeply with the "ins and outs" (pardon the very bad pun) of the ever fascinating world of medical insurance. First, I learned to speak a new language so I would understand the medical speak Dr. M liked to bombard me with. Then, I educated myself in the terms and conditions of the State Employees Health Plan as to save every dime I could in pursuing Baby Wilson.

Let me just put this out there: dealing with insurance sucks. I am sure this is the case for everyone, no matter what health condition you are handling. I'm sure the good people working the helpline for my insurance carrier really are good human beings. But, boy oh boy, the policies and procedures of the insurance company make getting a straight answers out of them next door to impossible.

Let's talk about the 2 1/2 hours of my life I will never get back again. When I first met with Dr. D back in the summer, I decided I would call my insurance provider. He wanted to try differe…