Pay it Forward for Isaiah

Infertility has given me a few gifts.

In all seriousness, there are a few things infertility has taught me and has given me that I did not have in my life before starting down this path. One of the most important gifts has been the gift of sisterhood from my infertile sisters.

From these women, I have seen outrageous acts of courage and selflessness, resilience and tenacity, kindness and gratitude. We all support one another, no matter what, because we are in the trenches, fighting against an invisible enemy. Though our battles may be varied, one thing remains the same: we all bear scars from the fights we've endured.

One of my sisters in this struggle is Kerri. She is a wife and mother, but moreover, she is a remarkable woman who has the strength to create beauty from heartbreak.

Three years ago, Kerri's oldest son, Isaiah, was born still. After a full-term pregnancy, she suffered a fate made of the stuff of expectant mothers' nightmares.

Since that time, Kerri continues to remember her special boy who never had his chance at this world. Tomorrow, January 21, 2015, would be Isaiah's birthday.

In celebration of Isaiah, Kerri is asking for people to perform a random act of kindness in honor of her son. It doesn't have to change the entire world, but it certainly will change the world for the person you honor.

I am sending out invites to many of my friend who are on Facebook. If you are not a friend, look for the Facebook group Random Acts of Kindness for Isaiah. If you choose to participate, please send Kerri a note in the Facebook event, and post with social media with the hashtag #actsofkindnessforisaiah

Thank you in advance for honoring the memory of this very special boy, and for making his mother smile by seeing how far his legacy has reached.


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