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You're NOT Your Mother

I had an appointment with Dr. S yesterday. Over the past five years, my OBGYN has seen me through a lot- my very first surgery, infertility, a somewhat complicated pregnancy, another bought of infertility and a gambit of other general health concerns. During that time, before I was pregnant, he talked me into having the genetic testing for breast cancer- something I never thought I would do. But, in the end, when the result came back negative, I was relieved and grateful for his advice.

     Yesterday, I went in for a run-of-the-mill kind of appointment. Nothing too out of the ordinary. It's kind of strange. Dr. S is the first doctor who has consistently been my doctor for any real length of time since I was a kid. So, as strange as this might sound, as much as he's seen me over the last five years, he and his nurse, Kim,  have become friends as well as my medical professionals.

    He always asks how things are going, but he was already aware of the failed IUIs. I told h…