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A NOT Pregnant Pause

Well... the day is here. We waited the requisite two-ish weeks to find out if the IUI was successful and once again, we are left with nothing but negatives. So, no sibling for Evan, at least at the present. It is what it is and I have accepted it with sadness, resignation, and a glass of wine.

     So, what's next for Team One Tough Egg you might ask?  Good question.

     You see, delving back into fertility treatments has been hard.

     No, that's not true.

     It has been soul-crushingly, paralyzing difficult at times.

     Don't roll your eyes. That's not hyperbole. Every failure shakes my confidence and takes a bit of hope from an already low reserve. If you've never walked this path, then you might think this sounds absurd. But, if you have unfortunately been where I am, then you know exactly what I am feeling.

     But, you've been there and done that, you might say.

     But, see, I thought having Evan would make the disappointment of failure easi…

Accountable to Whom?

I wrote this post in the spring and never got around to publishing it. As I get ready to start back to school tomorrow, I think this one is definitely worth sharing. It's not about infertility, but about something that is just as much a part of me: teaching and the students in my classroom. 


I know lots of you out there are ready for summer break, but  I have to share one little, tawdry truth: I hate the end of the school year.

The beginning of the school year always brings promise and excitement, not knowing what the next 180 days will hold as I get to know my students. What new things will we discover together? There's just so much possibility!
As we move into fall, we establish routines. We get to the business of learning and we get to know one another. I start to customize my lessons to the students I have instead of "typical seventh grader." 
As winter takes hold, we get into the meaty part of our year: big novels, Shakespeare, research and more. I al…