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I dwell in possibility

I have a confession: I have a crush.

Yes, I'm a married woman, but my husband doesn't mind. You see, I've loved this person longer than I've known my husband. She (yes, she!) has been with me through thick and thin, offering observations and insights on life that are beyond my comprehension. She never fails me and always makes me think. In fact, my mother introduced me to her. She's an inspiration in my career. Who is she?

She is Emily Dickinson.

Yes, my crush is a literary crush. It's not romantic love, but a love for her observations of a life she barely lived. It's the depth of the emotion she conveys in a few simple lines. It's the simplicity and beauty of her words. I've been in love for a long time.

You might wonder why Emily Dickinson is appearing my in blog when I typically talk about infertility. Today, Emily Dickinson met my world of infertility.

It's not a secret that Jeremy and I have been pursuing IUI over the last few months. I to…

The Nine Years of Marriage (Happy Anniversary, Jeremy!)

Sometimes in the midst of infertility struggles, you fail to focus on the gifts you’ve been given in your life. Today is nine years ago since I walked down the aisle and married my best friend. I am truly grateful for my crazy, dorky, sweet, handsome, amazing rock of a husband. He’s the one person who is always here and who rarely gets to turn off my crazy. His gentle reassurances keep me moving forward when I don’t feel like there is any more gas left in my tank. Sometimes, I know the only way the gas gauge moves is the fact that he is syphoning off some of his for me. He offers me hope and makes me want to keep going. I really thought I loved my husband the day I married him. The rocky path we’ve traversed together shows me that August 14, 2004 was only the tip of the iceberg. The depth and breadth of our love has grown in ways I have never imagined. We may not always agree, but we always back one another up. In my opinion, that’s what marriage should be.
So, enough with the sappy se…

The First Day of School or How Nausea is a Good Thing

I've been a bit under the weather over the weekend... so Jeremy decided to offer up a guest blog from his perspective.

Well, it's getting to be that time of year. Yes, I am a teacher that likes his summers, but I absolutely detest the first day of school. I don't mean to sound like I hate teaching, because I really do think I belong in education; I just hate the first day of school. Nothing is ever set in stone, the first day schedule is never what the routine is, everything is constantly in flux, and if you don't set the right tone from day one in the classroom, it will be weeks (if ever) until you get it back. First days are incredibly stressful (and the students are still mostly on their best behavior so they don't show their true selves for a few weeks... but that's another time).
In the area where I grew up, school started today (a few weeks earlier than the district where I teach). My Facebook timeline was full of high school acquaintances saying “…

It’s all been done before, but here it goes again

I recently got a new cell phone when the contract on the old one was up.There is a standard process that yields the best results at our house. Jeremy evaluates all of the options, buys the phone, plays with it, then convinces me I should get the same one. That’s what happened again this time. So, I had to do all the things that go along with getting a new phone: merging contacts, setting up email and creating ringtones. I, like most people I know, have one main ringtone for my phone. However, “important” people who call often get their own ringtones so I know without looking who is calling me. Jen has one, (Hey Soul Sister), Dad has one (Kashmir), Jeremy has one (Moves Like Jagger) and so on. Usually, it’s a song that makes me think of them or something they like. So, I decided with the new phone, Dr. S and Dr. M will get their own ringtones. I mean, it IS important that I know when they (or the nurses at their offices) are calling, and they call pretty frequently anymore. …