Happy Birthday, Grandma Jane!

This month, Jeremy's grandma, Jane, is turning 95 years young. I'm sure anyone can appreciate how awesome it is that he still has his grandma. For those of you who don't know Jane, the true accomplishment is how feisty she is, regardless of her age.

Jane lives back in West Virginia, still living on her own in her own home. She cooks for herself and does manages her day to day life. But, don't mention these things to her. You see, she doesn't think it's the least bit extraordinary that she still does these things. It's just living life to her.

Grandma Jane is still a pretty sharp lady. She loves to chat and can tell stories she heard yesterday or 50 years ago. In her golden years, she's acquired a love for shopping and jewelry, to go with her lifelong love of sweet treats.

As you might imagine, there are very few things she needs anymore. She is pretty content with her life and doesn't really need gifts. But, she LOVES to hear from people. So, as her family, we decided we would ask for your help to see if we could spread the message about her 95th birthday--- and just how far and wide we can spread this message.

We would love for our friends and family to send birthday cards to Jane. No gifts-- simply a card with a message explaining who you are and how you are connected to her. Maybe you are a friend of one of her daughters. Perhaps you know one of her grandsons. Maybe you just know me... or are a reader of my blog. No matter how you've learned of this, you're connected. She would love to hear from you and to know a bit about you.

So, pick up a card--it needn't be fancy-- and jot down some birthday wishes. Tell her how you know about her, about someone in her family who matters to you. There's nothing that will make her happier.

If you're in... here's the address:

Let's see if we can get 95 birthday greetings for a wonderful, 95 year old lady. What are you waiting for? It's a small gesture to pay it forward and you will make someone's day.


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