You can take the teacher out of the classroom.... but only for a little while

After my last blog post, I was overwhelmed with the amount of encouragement and support I received. It has been wonderful to know that so many people believe in us and want us to find happiness, no matter the path.

I knew when I wrote about changing my priorities, it would be easier said than done. It's easy to make plans, but so often, it is difficult to follow through on them. Well, after almost a month, I think it's safe to say I have taken some steps in the right direction. 

My big announcement for the month is a career change.... back to the classroom. I spent more than two years as an Assessment Specialist, working in the central office of a large school district. I took the job because it was a promotion and it was a "prestigious" position. My primary responsibilities included constructing benchmark assessments for students in middle and high school in language arts. I rarely worked with teachers or even left my office. I spent most of my days in front of a computer. For a people person like me, it was soul crushing after a while. I knew after a very short time in my job that it wasn't right for me. But I stayed for prestige and a paycheck.
When we decided to take a break from fertility treatments, I took a hard look at my life. In many ways, I didn't recognize the person I was. Moreover, I didn't like who I was becoming. There was an inner war that I fought. I knew I wanted two things: to be a mom and to be back in the classroom. I had tried everything I could to achieve the former. Now, it was time to work on the latter. 

Being that I am my mother's daughter, the teacher in me was just to strong to sit on the sidelines any longer. I fought becoming a teacher for many years and entered the profession in the late twenties. But, no matter what else I try to do, I am a teacher, now and always. I love to see students struggle, then figure out a difficult concept. I am inspired by seeing the lightbulbs come on for students. I love to construct engaging lesson plans that drive students to delve deeper and truly learn. In short, I am not a central office person. I am a teacher, through and through. 

So, on Monday, I will start a brand new adventure-- middle school!  I spent four years teaching wonderful young men and women tenth and eleventh grade. I loved (nearly) every second of it. I have memories of each and every one of my students to this day. However, this time, I am going to try teaching those who are barely teenagers. I'll be embarking on a mission to teach 7th grade English and Social Studies in a school not too far from my home. In short, I'm not only going back to the classroom, I am rejoining a community.

I'm realistic about teaching since I've been there before. I don't think every day will be perfect. I know there will be tough moments and I will feel overwhelmed with essays to grade and the like. But, those of you who are also teachers know that the beautiful moments of clarity experienced by students, and the moments of humor shared with colleagues, make the difficult moments completely worth it.

So, as I said in last month's blog, I'm going back to what I love. I'll have a group that once again calls me Mrs. Wilson.  Wish me luck.


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