Maybe Laughter is the Best Medicine

I spent the weekend catching up with college friends, reminiscing about the things we did back when we were crazy twentysomethings. For the past two years, we have met up annually to check in with one another and generally try to reconnect.

It's a crazy three days, where everything seems to go by too quickly, where we laugh until our sides and faces hurt, where we forget about our adult responsibilities and focus on packing a lot of memories in that short span of time.

Each time I leave the cabin where we meet, I make a vow to keep up the communication with these folks who are friends from my earliest adult life. Last year, I let the contact dwindle until we were ready to plan the reunion once again, but we all picked up right where we had left off when our planning began.

This time, I want it to be different. This time, I want to remember those long conversations with people who helped shape me as I entered adulthood, the people who shared most of my proudest moments in colleges and the people who stood beside me at some of the most difficult moments in my life.

In the next year, I hope that, despite all of the miles that separate us, our laughter will find a way to transcend the distance and keep the connection we find each fall.


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